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Review Policy
  I am currently open to receiving advance reader copies and review copies of young adult books. I primarily read young adult literature, but I also interested in literary fiction. I have a NetGalley account as well as a Kindle but prefer physical copies to review. I also do not typically accept self-published books.     

   If I do accept or receive a book, I do not promise that I will read it immediately after receiving it or that I will post about it the next day. With ARCs, I try to review them shortly before the release date. I do not read series out of order so if a book is a part of a series and is not the first book I cannot promise to read it unless I have the beginning of the series.
   My reviews are always 100% honest and I will not write a glowing review for a book I did not enjoy because I owe my honest opinion to my readers. My reviews are subjective and I write mainly about how I feel about a given book and my likes and dislikes. Everything in my reviews is my personal opinion. 

   I am also interested in doing author guest posts as well as author interviews and giveaways. Please email me if you are interested in any of these.

   Thank you for your consideration. 
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