Friday, December 21, 2012

In My Mailbox: Pre-Christmas Edition '12

AHHHH only 4 days till Christmas! I must admit I'm excited. I already got 8 books before Christmas, so I can't wait to see how many I get on Christmas. I assure you I will have another IMM for the end of the month. I already completed my 50 book challenge so I think I might up it to 55. I'm trying to read a book a day till Christmas so I have been really busy doing that! I got a new laptop with a camera so it will be much easier to make my YouTube videos. Expect many reviews from now until Christmas!

Let it Snow: Ahhhh I'm on a John Green high right now! He's such an amazing author. I so want to marry him! I'm going to start (and hopefully finish) this book today! I'm excited to see his writing with a Christmas feel to it.

Wake: This book sounds good. I never read a book by Amanda Hocking before. I found this book on sale and thought it sounded intriguing so I bought it. I really hope it is a good read.

Lullaby: I was super lucky to get a signed copy of Wake's sequel! Yay! I'm now 10x more excited to read Wake because I have a signed sequel! A picture of the signature is above! 

Fated: I have a love/hate relationship with Noel's Immortals series, but I really want to try this series. I hope it's better.

Burned: AHHH I love Pretty Little Liars. I heard this was supposed to be the last book, but no. Two more are on the way. I just finished this book today and it was pretty good. I should have a review up on it either later today or tomorrow.

Hidden: I cannot wait to read this book. I'm super excited for it, even though I always complain about how long this series is. I'm hoping to finish this one before Christmas. 

What Happens Next: Hehe I got a signed copy of this book yesterday! I started screaming when I found it. THis book sounds super intriguing, I really can't wait to start it.

Pushing the Limits: Harlequin sent me this book in the mail with a snowflake bracelet. It made my day. I'm so glad they sent me this book, because it was one of the books I really wanted on my wishlist. 

So yeah, I'll be busy reading all these amazing, super awesome books. What's in your mailbox this week? Did you read any of these books? Please comment and let me know!

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