Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass

Happily Ever After 
by Kiera Cass

Released: October 13, 2015
Publisher: HarperTeen
Page Amount: 416, US Hardback
POV: 1st Person 
Series: Companion to The Selection
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= 87/100 B

Happily Ever After contains the novellas The Queen, The Prince, The Guard, The Favorite, and The Maid as well as some scenes about Celeste and other girls from the Selection. Like many super fans of Kiera Cass' work, I had already purchased The Prince and The Guard when they were both released in 2014, so I wasn't too thrilled with them being repackaged into this fancy new hardback. I really had no intention of buying this book until I saw a signed copy, making me need to have it. I'm glad I did buy it because this book had so many really neat exclusives. I loved the illustrations scattered throughout the book as well as the detailed maps that make up the inside cover. They were really beautiful and added a special charm to the stories. The stories did not really add that much to The Selection Series but it was fun to find out some more about secondary characters like Aspen, Maxon, Amberly, Lucy, and Marlee. I felt very indifferent about most of the stories because not much happened in the novellas. I wish Cass would have focused more on the background of these characters instead of re-narrating events that we already know from the main series. All in all, this book wasn't special, but it was a nice way to go back into the palace.

My Favorite Part: Celeste's scenes.

Do I recommend this book? Only if you really want to spend some more time with the characters of The Selection.

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Review by Macy ♥

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