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Ruthless by Sara Shepard

Ruthless by Sara Shepard

Released: December 6, 2011
Publisher: HarperTeen
Series: Pretty Little Liars, Book 10
Preceded By: Twisted
Followed By: Stunning
Page Amount: 336, US Hardback
POV: 3rd Person 
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=86/100  B

This is the tenth book in the series, I will not post any intentional spoilers but please stop reading if you have not read the previous books in the Pretty Little Liars series. 


For years scandal has rocked Rosewood, Pennsylvania—and high school seniors Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer have always been at the center of the drama. They’ve lost friends, been targeted by a ruthless stalker named A, and narrowly escaped death. And it’s not over yet.
Aria’s love life is on the fritz. Emily’s exploring her wild side. Hanna’s kissing the enemy. And someone from Spencer’s past—someone she never thought she’d see again—is back to haunt her.
But none of that compares to what happened last spring break. It’s their darkest secret yet and guess who found out? Now A is determined to make them pay for their crime, and the only thing scarier than A is the fear that maybe, just maybe, they deserve what’s coming to

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the Pretty Little Liars series as well as the show. I did enjoy this book, but it lacked some of the hard core suspense that the previous books contained. For the most part, this book focussed more on the girls' experiences then the whole mystery surrounding A. I have to admit my favorite part of these books are the parts surrounding the murder of Ali and the mysterious identity of A. This book left me a little bit disappointed because it didn't have as much suspense to it. The writing also lacked some passion that I had seen before. I think that this series may be going on a little bit too long, and I would have thought that I would never say that because I love this series that much. I just think that Shepard's creative ideas aren't as present as much as they were in past installments.

The characters were lacking in this book. I started to like Aria again, which was a plus. Klaudia was a little more, uh, civilized and normal. The characters weren't as crazy and rash as before. Some things surrounding Spencer seemed kinda outlandish to me, but it wasn't as bad as some things. Emily... To be honest, she's becoming my favorite. She's so sweet and naive and just very likable. Ezra was back *applause*, I love him, especially in the show, but he didn't seem like Ezra in this book. He behaved differently from what I expected. The characters were better then in Twisted, but did not have as much depth as they had in other books in this series.

The ending was another one of Shepard's big jaw dropping moments. I loved how A came back into the mix and the whole thing with Kelsey. Wow, I enjoyed the ending. It made me want the next book. 

My Favorite Part: Definitely the ending! It had everything I wanted from the rest of the book. 


Do I recommend this book? Yes, this is an amazing series with so many twists and turns.
Will I be reading the next book? Yes, I have to after that ending.

Thank you for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts on the Pretty Little Liars Series or just any comments! What did you think of this book or this  series or even the TV show? Comment and let me know!

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