Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!


I have to apoligize. I had such big plans for posting in June but my computer hard drive decided to blow up halfway through the month. Seeing that I have no other way to access my blog from my house, I wasn't able to post nearly as much as I would like to. Trust me, it was horrible spending half of month without a computer...but I live to tell the tale! So let's celebrate! It's The Fouth of July, USA's Independence Day! I'm planning on spending today posting and writing all kinds of reviews for you guys!  Once again, I am so sorry I wasn't able to post last month. This blog is already available on Twitter and FaceBook. At least I spent a ton of time reading and finished 6 books last month! Aww... now I have to write reviews for them all... 

Books I Plan to Read:
1. Deadly Little Secret
2. Where She Went
3. Ripple
4. Tempest Rising
5. Midnight Alley
6. The Fury

Reviews I Plan to Post:
1. Ble Bloods
2. It's Not Summer Without You
3. Moonglass
4. Stunning
5. Cracked Up To Be

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