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Confessions of an Angry Girl by Louise Rozett

Confessions of an Angry Girl by Louise Rozett
Released: August 28, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Series: Confesions, Book 1
Followed By: Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend
Page Amount: 272, US Paperback
POV: 1st Person (Rose)
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=88/100 B

Rose Zarelli, self-proclaimed word geek and angry girl, has some confessions to make…
1. I'm livid all the time. Why? My dad died. My mom barely talks. My brother abandoned us. I think I'm allowed to be irate, don't you?
2. I make people furious regularly. Want an example? I kissed Jamie Forta, a badass guy who might be dating a cheerleader. She is now enraged and out for blood. Mine.
3. High school might as well be Mars. My best friend has been replaced by an alien, and I see red all the time. (Mars is red and "seeing red" means being angry—get it?)
Here are some other vocab words that describe my life: Inadequate. Insufferable. Intolerable.
(Don't know what they mean? Look them up yourself.)
(Sorry. That was rude.)

The plot of Confessions of an Angry Girl was fairly good. It was super unique to me because it held a lot of issues that haven't been shown in my previous reads. Some things seemed to be a little inappropriate for these 14 year old girls to be thinking, but I still thought it brought up some good points. I really enjoyed reading about Rose's grief over losing her father. That really touched me and seemed really realistic. I also really enjoyed the party scene. Granted I do think it was too not practical for 14 year olds, but I liked how Rose reacted. I would have done the same. This is a pretty fast read. Once I started, I couldn't stop. It is a very realistic book about high school and all the screwed up stuff you encounter there.

Okay so my big complaint about the characters is that Rose to me was not that angry. I expected flipping tables and screaming, but nothing! Rose did get a little irritated sometimes, but it was nothing beyond what a normal tennager would do. That was my big complaint. Also, I did relate to Rose, but at times she just annoyed me. See seems to be reasonable and smart, but sometimes I did not see that, which really threw me off. Through most of the book though, I enjoyed Rose and really connected with her and felt like I would make similar choices in some of her situations. Tracy, on the other hand, was totally crazy. I get her character, I mean she's a typical wannabe, but I feel like Ms. Rozett took her to an extreme. I'm sorry, but having sex at age 14 is definitely not okay, she should be painting her nails, not dating some loser. Regina also irked me. She was the crazy cheerleader bad girl. I feel like this book would be so much more realistic if her character wasn't taken to such an extent.  Jamie though... him I like. Probably just because he's male haha. He seems like an okay guy, though I don't understand him at all. I kind of hate him for being with Regina, but I feel like in future installments he will have more depth.

The ending was kind of anti-climatic for me. Mainly because there was the main craziness a little bit earlier. I loved all the stuff that happened before the very end. I just felt like the book's last few paragraphs could be more suspenseful and intriguing. It didn't really make me feel like "ohmigosh now I have to go buy the next book right now."

My Favorite Part: The little events and plot twists that were unique.

Do I recommend this book? Yes, it was surprisingly unique and a totally teen book.
Will I be reading the sequel? Yes, because I dont know, I guess I just have a thing for angsty teens.

Thank you for reading! November was such an amazing reading month!

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