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Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
Released: May 20, 2008
Publisher: McElderry Books
Page Amount: 666, US Paperback
POV: 1st Person
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=98/100 A+

Three lives, three different paths to the same destination: Aspen Springs, a psychiatric hospital for those who have attempted the ultimate act -- suicide. Vanessa is beautiful and smart, but her secrets keep her answering the call of the blade. Tony, after suffering a painful childhood, can only find peace through pills. And Conner, outwardly, has the perfect life. But dig a little deeper and find a boy who is in constant battle with his parents, his life, himself. In one instant each of these young people decided enough was enough. They grabbed the blade, the bottle, the gun -- and tried to end it all. Now they have a second chance, and just maybe, with each other's help, they can find their way to a better life -- but only if they're strong and can fight the demons that brought them here in the first

This book... Oh my was it a crazy ride. The plot with the rehab clinic and the suicide attempts really opened my eyes. So many people think of suicide it's not even funny. I feel like at one point or another in all of our lives, we want to die. I really think this book should be read by everyone, but especially those with suicidal thoughts because it shows that you are not alone. Someone is thinking just like you. Don't let the size of this book stop you. Sure it's long, but honestly I read this book faster than most 300 pagers. It is that good and her writing is poetic so it flows beautifully. This book is graphic and realistic, but it exposes the truth of pain and depression and the psychology that goes behind every little thing we feel. This book has everything so please go out and read it.   

The characters were flawless. Every single one of them had their own backstories. Most of them weren't exposed until the very ending and let me ell you, I never saw them coming. Hopkins put so much thought into this book. Vanessa, Tony, and Connor all had their struggles and their pain, but all of that could be explained and solved. It was a very realistic journey with them. They resisted rehab and lied to some therapists, but they learned to open up. Reading all about their progression to happiness was heartachingly beautiful.  

This ending...Ohhh this ending...It makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall. Did I like it? No, I LOVED it. It was perfect, horribly, morbidly perfect. It evoked strong emotions within me, which I loved. I was so surprised by the ending and it was just epic. I feel horrible that that is the way it ended, but it worked. It made sense. Ahhh, you have no idea how many the feelings I have for this ending. I really wish this book didn't end. I was crying and screaming by the very last page. That last line, broke my heart, but was so amazing at the same time. Definitely give this book a try, you won't regret it.
My Favorite Part: The entire freaking book was fantastic. Go buy it, GO BUY IT NOW!

Do I recommend this book? Well, absolutely!!!

Thanks for reading!

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Review by Macy ♥

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