Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Wrap-Up

I'm trying guys. Really I am. I know I was lame this month, but I'm finally getting back into the swing of balancing work and blogging. I've been pretty busy with my debate team stuff, but that is getting more manageable now that I don't have a role...Not like I'm bitter or anything... Anyway this has been an amazing month for me. I had many rocky tear-filled days, but recently my life has been a ball of sunshine. I am so thankful for my wonderful friend in my life. One in particular has really been amazing. So this post will be a mixture of things about this month.

1. Feel Again by OneRepublic
2. Here's to Us (Glee Version)
3. Don't Dream It's Over (Glee Version)
4. Holy Ground by Taylor Swift
5. Fearless by Taylor Swift

1. Being with my best friend
2. When my debate team won the competition
3. When I finished Burn for Burn
4. Getting 11 books for $27
5. Going to the mall with my mom

Eighth Grade Bites- 1/2 done
Looking for Alaska- Just started
Pretty Little Secrets- 1/4 done

In My Life: Well I've been working on some essays for a few contests and reading a lot lately. My month has been pretty terrific actually. I have had a few amazingly romantic moments that feel like they belong to a ya novel. I've been busy keeping up with my spotless grades and grueling extracurriculars. Thankfully I have a nice book and the bestest friend ever to kick back, relax, and have fun with. 

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Love you all, my fellow bookies!
- macy

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