Saturday, February 2, 2013

Book Signing with 5 Amazing YA Authors

This month has begun with greatness. Today I had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet 5 YA authors, from left to right, Lisa & Laura Roecker (The Liar Society), Scott Tracey (Witch Eyes), Colleen Clayton (What Happens Next), and Leah Clifford (A Touch Mortal). 

It was a time of a lifetime for me! They all were so friendly and nice! They are all truly inspiring. They even let me interview them and gave me some signed bookmarks to give away here on the blog! I am super excited because this week I will take you through my entire time at the book signing. I will go through each of their books this month, review them and giveaway some bookmarks for each book. Keep checking the blog for more information about all of the giveaways! The interview I conducted will also be posted tomorrow so be sure to check back for that! Until then, keep reading! I hope the start to your February was as great as mine! :D

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