Friday, July 19, 2013

Bedtime Reading Ritual

2. What is Your Bedtime Reading Ritual?

   Nighttime is my favorite time to read to be honest. It's the spookiest time to read a scary mystery book and the funniest time to read a contemporary book. Everything is 100x more amusing at night. Nighttime is my binge reading time where I have to get caught up in the one or two books that I am currently reading. Being the OCD, perfectionist freak that I am, I have to end the day on an increment of 50 pages. It's ridiculous but I have to read exactly 50 to 100 pages a day to be a happy reader.

   I always try to read at night in order to get my eyes tired enough to fall to sleep. I'm kind of like Auden in Along for the Ride and have really bad insomnia in the summer, making it near impossible to fall asleep at night. Nowadays, I've been so busy going on trips and retreats and shopping that I haven't even had a chance to finish my latest book. 

  So now that you've read mine, what is your bedtime reading ritual? 


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