Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten: Most Intimidating Books

Top Ten is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Most Intimidating Books

1. The Scarlet Letter: This was the first classic I read and I couldn't get into it. I loved the play and movie but not the book.

2. Divergent: This book scared me at first because of all the rave reviews, which I found out were rightly deserved.

3. Beautiful Darkness: I loved Beautiful Creatures but I was afraid the second book would just repeat the first. It didn't and luckily the long book was a really fast, intriguing read.

4. The Awakening: I picked up this book after loving the Vampire Diaries tv show.

5. Impulse: This book is intimidating for two reasons. 1. It looks long but I read it in 3 days because of the way it is written. 2. It tackles a lot of really intense and tough subjects.

6. City of Bones: I wanted to love this book and it was intimidating. It's a long book and to be honest I really didn't like it.

7. The Kite Runner: Because of the heavy content.

8. Reached: The length and the fact that I wasn't totally in love with Matched and Crossed.

9. Gameboard of the Gods: Sounds really good, but is a big book.

10. The Host: The length and because it has to live up to the Twilight Saga.

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