Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why I Blog About Books

9. Reason I Blog

  I started It's a Book Thing in June 2011 when my own personal library grew to around 100+ books. I was sitting in a booth of my favorite restaurant with my parents brainstorming names for a book blog. Many names were suggested, but eventually I chose It's a Book Thing. I became interested in book blogging when I first saw the Chapter Chicks. I loved their blog and YouTube channel and wanted to be just like them. Then It's a Book Thing was born.

   I blog in order to share my love and passion for books. I wanted to reach more people than just my small little school's student body. I have a strong opinion on books and I wanted to be able to share it and be able to influence book buyers. All my life I have loved books since I picked up my first Nancy Drew Yellow Hardback. I love the depth and imagination the author puts into their books. It's amazing how many different stories out there and I'm so glad I am able to make a record of all the books I read by blogging. Maybe one day when I'm older I'll be able to show my teenage daughter which books changed my life and how much reading has brought to my life.    

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