Saturday, July 13, 2013

Book Related Confessions

1. Make 15 Book Related Confessions

1. I talk to my books...often. What? They deserve to know how pretty they are too...

2. I have never given up on a book, no matter how terrible some are to get through.

3. I read about 60 pages per 30 minutes. I timed myself :D

4. I literally just stare at my bookshelf for fun. 

5. Picking my favorite book is like picking a favorite child. Impossible.

6. I have never read the Harry Potter series, nor do I intend to.

7. I'm not a big fan of the Mortal Instruments series.

8. My bookshelves are organized by genre and then author and then color. It's a very precise procedure. 

9. The Twilight Saga was the first series that started making me want to read.

10. Nancy Drew was my favorite series, and only thing I would read, as a kid.

11. I cannot remember character names no matter what. Especially the guys' names. My reviews take so much longer because I have to look up all the names because I really can't remember them even if I finished the book the day before. 

12. I do read every word when I read unless it is a awful, boring book. *cough* Pretty Little Secrets *cough*

13. I have stained my friend's Betrayed book before with a paper cut. I was so upset I hid the book in her desk with a red pen so she wouldn't know I bled on her book. Yea, not one of my finer moments. I really hope she doesn't this confession...

14. I'm very OCD and have to be on a even multiple of 50 page number before I can go to sleep. 

15. The majority of my books are contemporary.

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