Monday, August 19, 2013

Deciding What to Read Next

10. Deciding What to Read Next

   Owning more than 200 books that need to be read can cause a huge dilemma when trying to decide what to read next. Not for me anymore! I realize that the more I am drawn to read a certain book the more I'll like it and the faster I'll be able to read it, no matter if it's 200 or 500 pages. I've always believed that books come into your life at precisely the right time. When I suffered through a terrible breakup with my best friend a week before prom, I felt like I should read Delirium, so I did. The ending of that book summed up everything I had been feeling and brought me to tears. It was in that moment when Lena says that a part of her died when she went over the fence and that that Lena is gone, really touched my heart. The old Macy died when my ex-boyfriend asked another girl to prom the day before ticket money was due. I still haven't been the same since, but books are always that constant in my life. So that's why I feel that if you have a urge to read a certain book, don't question it, just read.

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