Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meet My New Partner in Crime

   If you read one of my last posts about a big update, then you might remember that I mentioned that someone else is going to join It's a Book Thing. My blog is my baby, so I wouldn't give just anyone permission to regularly post on my blog. But that was before I found someone who, dare I say it,  loves books as much as me. If you visit It's a Book Thing often, you may have read that last year I started my own book club at my school. My new partner became a close friend of mine through my book club and through a mutual understanding that only I can touch my books. He is not even a stranger to this blog, being my guest reviewer for The Enchanted Heir. Nevertheless, let me formally introduce to you my new partner in crime, Andrew. 

   Andrew and I will be modifying the blog this month (because who am I kidding, the pick is a tad girly). We will also be working on a special new feature for the blog and posting tons and tons of reviews. Andrew will begin posting soon and I cannot wait until you get to partake in his colorful and detailed reviews.

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