Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top Ten: Things I am Thankful For

Top Ten Things I am Thankful For
Top Ten is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish

1. My Amazing Family who have helped me through all the stress of school, friends and the ever intense mock trial.

2. My Awesome Friends who stand by through whatever. It takes someone special to deal with all of my pointless drama.

3. Books, my life would be a dreary pit of despair without books.

4. Twilight has saved my life so many times by being that reliable friend during those difficult middle school years.

5. An Amazing School Community who, even though i complain a lot about all the work, teaches me a lot and has made me who I am today.

6. This Blog because all of you fellow readers are amazing.

7.  The Opportunities to Meet Super Awesome Authors. Dude, YA authors are the best.

8. For my Partner in Crime, I would never have been able to juggle school and maintaining this blog without him.

9. My Book Club, which is the coolest club evaaaaaaa!

10. Getting to Connect  with Readers Like You

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