Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 Days of Christmas: Book Edition


  Every day this month will be something new to It's a Book Thing. We are talking reviews, Waiting on Wednesdays, In My Mailboxes, Top Tens, some other surprises and weekly giveaways. Yes, you read that right. Every Friday until Christmas we will be having a giveaway here on the blog! All leading up to a huge a giveaway starting Christmas Day and ending on New Years! That all adds up to 4 giveaways! Please stay tuned for those the first one will be up this coming Friday! This will be the best month for It's a Book Thing and for all of you book lovers who love a chance to win some free books and swag. Please Follow my blog with Bloglovin to prepare for this month's festivities! Thanks guys! I love you all! :D

1. Allegiant
2. Shade
3. Just One Day
4. Hidden
5. Fever
6. Pandemonium
7. So Much Closer
8. Revealed
9. Sweet Evil
10. Obsidian
11. The Raven Boys
12. Beautiful Chaos
13. Witches of East End
14. City of Ashes
+ whatever Andrew reviews (he's currently reading the Hush, Hush saga!)

1. Storm

I have my work cut out for me. But you guys are worth it. Happy holidays and stay warm with a good book!

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