Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten: Characters I Would Like to Be

Top Ten is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Characters I Would Like to Switch Places With for 24 Hours

1. Bella from Twilight because duh, she has a very nice vampire and a super hot werewold after her!

2. Lena from Beautiful Creatures. She is the ultimate Caster and has Ethan! Plus I really love the atmosphere of the story!

3. Chloe from The Summoning because she's tough and cool and her friends are absolutely awesome!

4. Lily from Forgive My Fins! Who doesn't want to be an amazing, powerful mermaid princess?

5. Nora from Hush, Hush. She's really fun and a good friend. Plus, I think it would be awesome to live in her world. Patch is a bonus too!

6. Rose from Vampire Academy because she's one tough chick. I admire her strength and wit. I also love how passionate she is about Dimitri.

7. Stevie Rae from House of Night because she has an adorable accent (yes, I can hear her accent when I read lol) and she is sweet, tough, and a loyal friend.

8. Remy from This Lullaby, she has a great personality and I love her approach to love!

9. Rhine from Wither! I want to make a big change like her! I would love to try to stop their predestined age of death.

10. Hudson from Bittersweet. She is a lot like me. I love cupcakes and I figure skate, but Hudson is way better than me at both!

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