Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Top Ten: Books That Make You Think

Top Ten is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Books That Make You Think

1. The Fault in Our Stars: This book is truly inspiring. It tackles the tough subject of cancer in a heartwarming way. I got a new sense and meaning of life out of this book. I f you want to know more specifics on how this book touvhed my heart, check out my review.

2. If I Stay: Oh my gosh. This book was one of my favorites from the start. This book makes you think about what you'd do if your family or someone close to you died. It's really enlightening and really opened my eyes.

3. Thirteen Reasons Why: This book right here is the ultimate thinker. I thought about the 13 people who have broke my heart in different ways and thought about what it would be like if I died. I would never want to put anyone through what Hannah put Clay through. I want to save lives.

4. Clean: I loved how all the 5 of the teens came together to help one another. It was truly inspring to see how group helped each of them get back on their feel. It made me consider looking into helping teens for my career.

5. Where She Went: The sequel to If I Stay makes you think about what if someone you loved almost died. What would you do to make them stay?

6. Impulse: I can't wait to read this book. It deals with cutting and suicide and those deep things really make you think.

7. Before I Fall: This book really made me think of think of all the ways in which I acted like the popular Sam. I started to think about if I would be able to have such a strong conversion like Sam did.

8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Hehe I love this book. The ending in this one really makes you think about how one thing can affect a whole life.

9. Speak: This is a really powerful novel. It makes you think of the people who didn't have the courage to speak up either for their friends, or for themselves. I for one have started speaking up for my friends behalf and it certainly has changed a few lives.

10. Wither: I love how this book makes you think about what if everyone had a set age to die. It would really change the world.

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