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Unremembered, Book by Jessica Brody, Review By Andrew


Book by Jessica Brody

Review by Andrew

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This was a highly surprising novel, and one that I enjoyed thoroughly. I obtained this book through and event where Leigh Bardugo and several other notable writers were signing their latest novels. At the signing, I heard all the authors give a summary of their books, and Jessica's straight-up blew me away. A "Bourne meets teenage girl meets superhuman powers", I was enthralled. I bought it, and dove in. It started with a griping opening, a plane crash. The only survivor is a teenage girl, who can't remember anything about herself. She tries to gain a grip on what happened to her; why she could only remember some words but have no idea what a airplane is, and what the necklace engraved with "S+Z=1609" around her neck means. And then things get complicated when she starts to be followed by a boy who claims to be the only person that knows who she is.

Let me just say now, this is a book that will stick with you, and it really is because of the unique characterization that is only possible with cases of amnesiacs. While the character starts to discover who they are, so do you. You feel connected in a way that you feel as if you are discovering a part of yourself. Now, to the REALLY good parts, relationships with other characters. While trying to cope with the memory loss, "Violet" has to learn to live with a new foster family until she recovers, and it isn't easy. Unable to relate to their lifestyle, she becomes fairly ostracized. But that changes as the boy that claims to know her starts to cause problems, and asks her to leave with him. But she finds it hard to resist him, and after admitting that they had been in love, Violet finds saying no to be more difficult by the day.

In the end, all is explained, and you'll never see it coming. I was floored by the pure beauty and complexity of the story, but was able to follow the whole time. I also was amazed at the quality at which Jessica created a love story out of the hardships that Violet had to endure. It really was a great book and I truly can't wait to read the sequel: Unforgotten.

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