Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Top Ten: Endings

Top Ten Favorite Endings
Top Ten is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish

1. Impulse: I still want to bang my head against a brick wall when this book even crosses my mind. I just never saw that coming and it was horribly perfect. I'm still not over it.

2.  Fire with Fire: You should know my rant on this book by heart by now. But seriously. I'm like squirming in my seat waiting for the next book. It better be on my door step midnight the day it comes out. I'm serious.

3. Crushed: The Pretty Little Liars series has always had the best endings. This one just disturbed me so much that I think I loved it. Amazing job, Shepard.

4. Delirium: I loved this ending. Those last few paragraphs were beautifully and flawlessly written. My heart broke. Tears may have been shed.

5.  Before I Fall: This is another one of those so terrible it's amazing endings. I hated Sam at the beginning and was bawling my eyes out by the end. Definitely not what I expected to happen. 

6. Burn for Burn: Siobhan and Han better stop awing me with their amazing endings. Although not as memorable as Fire with Fire, this ending definitely had me hooked. Heck  I even went to the Book Expo of America just for the sequel. (Totally worth it if I do say so myself.) 

7.  All I Need: Swoon. Like awww!!! I'm speechless, it was so adorable! This is what I want in a guy. Seth is definitely a good guy!

8. Awakened: I thought I had given up all hope in the House of Night series...and then this ending happened. I just couldn't abandon it then.

9. Spirit Bound: Vampire Academy is amazing. This ending made me freak out then start the next book. Totally unexpected plot turn!

10. Beautiful Chaos: I'm partially sad about this ending, but it makes me need the next book. Ethan better have some Beautiful Redemption.

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